Saturday, 12 November 2016

Friends Forever

Hello, well after a whirlwind few days here I am.  My lovely friend Lorraine convinced me I should set up a blog enter some challenges and get my work out there (her words) lol.

I am a Digital Scrap booker. I have also been told on many occasions that digital work isn't crafting.  Sometimes it takes a very long time to balance everything out get the layers in place plus it is an art form.  It's also something that gives my brain a work out. Anyway here is one of my layouts, I will upload some more when I get the chance in the next few days.  Where I will have something exciting to tell you, so don't forget to call back.

Crafty Hugs Sonia


  1. A beautiful page as always.

    Hugs Lorraine xx

  2. A GORGEOUS page beautiful work. Isn't it frustrating to be told digital is NOT crafting, when you have spent HOURS on it.

    1. Yes it is Faith, I take no notice now, I love my digital work. I'm so thankful for other places to show my work as well.

      Crafty Hugs Sonia x